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Multi-channel e-commerce can result in higher sales as you will get an opportunity to list your products through different sales channels. You can sell your products on great marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and reach millions of customers. Also, you can use social media which has a massive number of users. In particular, Facebook will allow customers to navigate easily using the mobile device and come across your products. Another great sales channel is the Comparison Shopping Engines such as Google Shopping. This channel will enable customers who use search engines to find the best deals online, come across your products. This task of listing your products on different sales channels can be easier if you use a multi-channel e-commerce platform. This platform will enable you to create an online store that can help you sell through various channels. Here are 5 best multi-channel e-commerce platforms:

Multi-channel e-commerce


Shopify is an excellent multi-channel e-commerce platform as it will enable you to create a store that will enhance customers’ experience. It will provide various secure payment methods and support a mobile device. Also, you will develop discounts which can make customers to choose you over your competitors. The good thing about Shopify is that it will charge a monthly fee depending on your plan and required features. Besides it enables instant purchases through Facebook, Instagram, messaging apps, Pinterest, and more. And with its upgraded version, Shopify Plus you will be able to integrate directly within your dashboard, utilize marketplace apps, or enlist the help of a Technology Partner. For more information, go to Shopify.com/plus/solutions/multi-channel-ecommerce

Shopify has a user-friendly interface that will allow you to set it up without any skills. It is well-known for its multi-channel retailing capability. It integrates with one of the largest marketplaces on the internet which is Amazon. Most customers believe to get the best products in this marketplace. Due to this, Amazon has enormous traffic which can lead to an increase in sales. Also, Shopify can enable you to sell on social media and reach millions of customers.


BigCommerce is another excellent multichannel e-commerce platform that integrates with Amazon, social media and Google Shopping. With this, you will reach more customers and increase sales. BigCommerce will help you to manage your orders automatically. You will know when a customer places an order which will enable you to deliver the right items on time.


Magento is an affordable multi-channel e-commerce platform that works well for both small and large businesses. It is highly customizable to enable you to create a unique store that will allow customers to differentiate you from your competitors. This platform has an extension called M2E that can integrate your store with Amazon and eBay. However, you can pay for the extension based on your total monthly sales. Also, Magento will allow you to manage your inventory, pricing, and orders across all sales channels. With this, you will avoid errors of overstocking or under-stocking and late deliveries which can lead to frustrations.

PrestaShop is an open source platform


PrestaShop is an open source platform that is highly customizable. It will allow you to add elements and create a unique store. It integrates with Amazon which you have to pay $119 for the Amazon Integration for PrestaShop Plugin. Also, it integrates with eBay using eBay Integration for PrestaShop Plugins. The good thing about PrestaShop is the customer support. If you encounter a problem, you can reach them through a free phone call, chat, or email. PrestaShop plays a crucial role in enabling you to list your products on Google Shopping. It comes with a Google Shopping Module to help you in this.

Are you looking for a multi-channel e-commerce platform


Are you looking for a multi-channel e-commerce platform that will quickly and automatically manage your stock? If yes, you can give WooCommerce a try. This platform will allow you to install the WP-Lister Pro for Amazon plugin to integrate with Amazon. With this WooCommece, you will be able to create an Amazon product page that will keep your WooCommerce up-to-date whenever a customer places an order on Amazon.